Last Week of Being a Family of Three.

It’s a weird week, I’m now a little over 38 weeks and with baby coming at 39 weeks we’re officially in our last week of being a family of three.

Soft Play time

While it’s exciting time, it’s also almost bittersweet in a way. We’ve spent nearly 2 years now being a family of three and this is the last time we’ll ever be again. It’s a very strange feeling, I felt the same at the end of my pregnancy with Frey, excited but also apprehensive over all the changes we’ll be going through in the next few weeks/months. I keep finding myself looking through all our photos of Frey during the first few months of his life and I keep thinking about how he was never that small and how we’re about about to have another tiny little newborn. And I find myself getting really emotional about everything. I’ll be honest I don’t know if it’s pregnancy hormones or me just being me.

This just makes me cry, in a good way though.

Of course I’ve mostly been focusing on Frey this week, lots of cuddles and playtime. I’ve also organised for the health visitor to come round. Frey missed his last developmental check up due to me working and I think I’m getting an extreme case of mum guilt and just want to make sure everything is ok with him before we bring baby number 2 home. Did anyone else get this way before their second, or is it just me?

Sleepy, early morning cuddles with dad

I’ve also been putting these nesting instincts of mine to good use. (Because I have no idea if their still going to be here after the arrival of baby number 2) As well as setting up her cot, I’ve set the changing stations in both the bedroom and living room. I even have lists, lists for who to contact when she arrives, and another for me to double check the bags for the hospital. I’m naturally the opposite of a list person, so I’m currently very impressed with myself.

All in all, so far it’s been a really lovely week, just enjoying our time together.

Jo xx

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