5 Things I’m looking Forward to When I’m No Longer Pregnant.

The end is insight, I’m now full term and in a few weeks will be once again a mother to a newborn. This pregnancy has gone well, but in this last trimester I’ve really been looking forward to when I’m no longer pregnant, and all the things I can have/do when the baby has arrived. With this in mind, I thought I’d do a list of the top 5 things I’m looking forward to, to get me through the next few weeks.

At my baby shower, just over 36 weeks

1. Steak

Now I know I can have steak if it’s well done, but that’s basically leather and I’m not eating that.

What I’ve been really craving is a juicy rare steak with chips and peas on the side (And now I’ve managed to make myself hungry writing this). I’m hoping that we’ll be able to go to our local pub/restaurant that serves really nice steak, relatively soon after the birth so I can indulge.

2. Alcohol

I’m not a big drinker, I might have a drink every few months or so. Generally I’m the designated driver when we go out, even before this pregnancy.

However in the last few weeks, with the weather warming up I’ve been craving a cold Brothers Toffee Apple cider (if you like sweet ciders, I highly recommend this one). I just want to sit outside in the sun, while Frey plays in his outdoor play area, the hubby takes the baby and I can sit down and relax.

3. My Wardrobe

Pre pregnancy, in one of my favourite tops

At the moment I’m down to about a 10th of my wardrobe and about 1/2 of my husbands (which according to him is plenty). It’s frustrating every time I open my chest of drawers or my wardrobe, that I’m stuck just staring at all my lovely clothes that I currently can’t wear.

Now I know I won’t be able to fit in to my more fitted clothes for quite a while. But there are pieces in my wardrobe that should (hopefully) fit very soon after the birth. Including a few of my favourite t-shirts that I’m very much looking forward to being able to wear again.

4. Sleep

Ok, I know what everyone is thinking. ‘You’re about to have a newborn, you’re not going to get any sleep’. Let me clarify, I’m looking forward to being able to fall asleep easily. Right now, it’s taking me anywhere between half an hour and an hour to find a comfortable position to sleep in and then I’m still waking up in the night having to readjust.

I found this the same as last time with Frey at the end of my pregnancy. I also found I fell to sleep really easily after I’d given birth, so hoping it goes the same this time.

Early morning, pre-pregancy and still had a better sleep than what I’m getting at the moment

5. Meeting my baby

Of course, the thing that I’m most looking is meeting our baby. I can’t wait the hold her and introduce her to her big brother. Out of everything, this is the one thing I’m most looking forward to.

Jo xx

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