Frey at 20 Months Update

Frey is now 20 months, and is very quickly approaching his second birthday. That being said I’m not too worried about the terrible twos as they’ve already started.

Although the tantrums only make up about 10% of Frey’s behaviour, the other 90% consists of him being his usual happy self, with an eagerness to learn and to figure the world around him out, and he’s learning very quickly. It’s the little things he’s figured out that are my favourite, such as he now hands me or his dad the remote when he wants to watch Thomas the Tank Engine or Bing. He’s also started putting his toys down now when he wants a new one, rather than just dropping them wherever.

Watching Thomas the Tank Engine.

His talking is also coming along as well, we were beginning to worry a little as he went trough a regression with his speech earlier this year, but in the last month or so it’s started really progressing. He’s slowly starting to repeat words we say to him and happily just babbles away at us.

Hats too big, but at least he’s not throwing it off

The biggest change we all gone through is Frey is now in his own room. He’s been in his own room for just over a month now. When we first moved him in there, I was fully expecting to be up every hour with him, however that has not been the case. Don’t get me wrong we’ve had a few nights where either me or the hubby have been up several times during the night with him; but for the most part we’ve all been sleeping better through the night. With Frey going to bed between 7:30-8:30 and not waking up until 5-6 in the morning.

Also his morning and bedtime routine have both greatly improved, although he still hates brushing his teeth. If anyone has any advice on how to get him to brush his teeth without a full blown meltdown, it would be greatly appreciated.

In all he a happy healthy curious little boy, who’s about to become a big brother (not that he has any idea).

Jo xx

2 thoughts on “Frey at 20 Months Update

  1. What about a brushing song? You could try finding one online or just improvise? Does he watch you brushing his teeth?


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