The 5 Big Differences Between My Pregnancies

1. Morning sickness

With Frey I throwing up everyday without fail from 6 1/2 weeks until week 13. Thankfully after I had been sick or managed to shove some sort snack down my throat beforehand, the nausea would cease for a few hours before starting up again.

This time round I haven’t been as lucky, while I did throw up less (only about once a week) the feeling of nausea has been worse. I was having to snack constantly and even then it would only last about half an hour before I would start feeling sick again. Fun times.

Me at 18 weeks with baby number 2.
Pregnant with Frey, about 19 weeks

2. Weight Gain

I put on weight everywhere with Frey, tummy, bum, legs, face, fingers, you name it I put weight on it. I also had a lot of swelling, especially around my joints. Which was wonderful during the middle of Summer, not.

This time I’m literally all bump, I haven’t put any weight on elsewhere (although my husband argues that I’ve put weight on my bum, probably to act as a counterweight.) and I’ve got very little swelling this time round, which I’m incredibly grateful for.

3. Movements

This is definitely the biggest difference for me. Frey was constantly moving in the third trimester, kicking, pushing, twisting this way and that. Baby number 2 is far more relaxed, preferring to stretch out and roll.

Which honestly had me worried to begin with, thankfully my wonderful midwife sat me down and talked me through it all. She reassured me I wasn’t the first mum to panic over the differences in movements, but instead to focus this baby’s pattern of movement and I would eventually figure out what to look for and what to concentrate on.

Baby number 2 at 26 weeks
Pregnant with Frey at 28 weeks

4. Energy Levels

I’ll be honest, I don’t know how much of this is pregnancy or how much of it is change of circumstance; but with Frey I definitely had more energy. This time I’m finding it more of a struggle. I often feel exhausted by 8pm, and have not been above napping during the day when Frey is having his nap. Whereas my pregnancy with Frey I was sit very active up until the final 2-3 weeks of pregnancy.

Honestly I think this has more to do with my changes in my life rather than my body. I didn’t have a very active 20 month old, who likes to wake up between 6-7am most mornings during my first pregnancy and it definitely effects me (not that I would change it for the world).

5. Sciatica

I managed to avoid both SPD and sciatica the first time round with Frey. Which is quite impressive considering that I’ve got several issues with my legs; but this time I haven’t so lucky.

I’ve developed sciatica in the third trimester, which has not been a fun experience. I’ve found mine tends to come and go, I can have several days with no issue and then all of sudden it will flare up and I’ll be barely able to walk. I’m hoping starting maternity leave, it will ease up as I won’t be on my feet as much.

Jo xx

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