The Joy of Maternity Wear

When I found out I was expecting for a second time, there was one thing I was dreading, shopping for maternity clothes (yes, the title is me being sarcastic). Now don’t get me wrong I still had several items from my first pregnancy (especially my leggings and bras, which are the maternity clothes I actually like), however I had also given pieces away as I had (stupidly) assumed that I wouldn’t need any maternity wear for a while, my mistake. Which meant another trip to the shops, oh the joy.

22 weeks pregnant and no maternity clothes in sight

Now the reasons for my dislike maternity wear are various, but they mostly boil down to three main reasons, which are.

1.The cost; ok, I admit it, I can be cheap as hell, and I struggle with spending a decent chunk of money on clothes that I’ll probably not be able to wear after 4-5 months (especially jeans and quite a few of the tops). Now I won’t lie, I got lucky during my first pregnancy, my birthday was around the time I needed maternity clothes, so a majority were birthday presents. This time I haven’t been so lucky, which means coming to terms with having to spend money on clothes that aren’t going to last more than 6 months at most.

2. This is reason is very much a personal opinion for my dislike, and that’s I don’t like the style of most maternity clothes. When I was first pregnant I was excited to go out shopping, but I quickly became disheartened and stressed out when I started looking through the maternity sections. My own personal sense of style is alternative/rock/geeky and I struggled to find clothes that suited me and my sense of style. Which led to me to start dreading going shopping, knowing that I was probably going home empty handed and disappointed.

3. The third and final reason, I struggle a lot with my self image during pregnancy. Your body changes so much and so quickly during pregnancy that even clothes you know you look good in, you still find your self questioning every little detail, wondering if you’ve made the right choice or not.

The only maternity dress I own

With the reasons above in mind, I decided to go back to the drawing board. I started looking in the non maternity sections, looking for fits and cuts that would work both during and after pregnancy. I also bought my basics from primark, just a size or two bigger than what I would normally. With these ideas in mind, along with the maternity essentials, I’ve managed to build a small capsule wardrobe to get me through pregnancy.

That being said, I still don’t like maternity clothes shopping, and hopefully this will be the last time I need to go. Now wish me luck as I go searching for some decent maternity jeans.

Jo x

One thought on “The Joy of Maternity Wear

  1. I hated maternity clothing. I too found them ridiculously expensive and bought a few pieces that I kept on rotation. I also hated over the bump trousers. They made itch and felt like an extra layer of skin that my heat would have to fight through to disperse my body!


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