Frey at 16 months Update

Frey is is now sixteen months and a proper little (although not that little) toddler. He’s now walking and will happily babble anyone’s ear off, unless Thomas the Tank Engine or Bing is on, then you’re not getting anything out of him.

We’re walking

He has clear favourites now (as I mentioned above), Thomas the Tank Engine and Bing will always get his attention. He loves bead maze toys and any toy he can push along. He’ll happily chow down on fruit, especially grapes and strawberries but it’s a constant struggle to get him to eat any sort of vegetable. And recently he’s been trying to feed himself with a spoon, that’s led to varying degrees of success.

Such as a handsome boy

I’ll be honest it’s not been all easy going with the last few months with my first trimester, Christmas and New Years all going on, it has led to Frey’s routine basically being thrown out the window. However these last few weeks we’ve been focusing more on getting back into a routine and it seems to be working (thankfully). Which is good as I need at least one of my children to be in a routine before the little one arrives.

Still not too big for sleepy cuddles

All in all, he’s a happy healthy little boy. And while I won’t lie, I do sometimes miss those new born days where he would happily sleep for hours in my arms. But now watching him run about and the looks of concentration and awe he gets when he’s discovered something new, isn’t something I would change for the world.

Jo xx

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