I’ve Been Away But Now I’m Back.

So, I haven’t blogged in 2 months. My life has been more than a little bit hectic these last few months and found blogging and social media taking a back seat to everything else that’s been going on.

At Chester Zoo lanterns

In between a stressful first trimester of my second pregnancy (which I’ll go into more detail in my next blog post), working full time and a now walking, almost toddler (where’s my little baby gone), means I’ve struggled to juggle everything on my plate; and add Christmas and Halloween on top, and everything else has been pushed to the side.

He’s getting so big

On top of this I’ve having bloggers block (like writing block but for blogging), I’ve struggle to find the inspiration to post and have been feeling quite dejected about it all. Thankfully over the last week or so I’ve had several ideas, that I’m really looking forward to writing and posting about.

For now I’m just glad to be getting my groove back and not feeling so bad about neglecting my blog.

Jo x

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