7 Activities I want to do This Autumn/Winter

It’s now October, (almost November) officially Autumn, and I’ve got plans, so many plans.Now I know the chances of me being able to do everything is slim to none, so I thought I would do a top 7 activities that I’ll definitely (hopefully) be doing in the next few months.

1. Movie Nights

Now that Frey is getting bigger and is able to focus more. I really want to introduce him to several favourite movies of mine, including classics such as Nightmare before Christmas, Home Alone, The Grinch and Hocus Pocus. I know he probably won’t still sit through them all but getting to share my favourite movies from my childhood with my son is something I’m really looking forward to.

Snow day

2. Chester Zoo lantern Parade

I live on the border of North Wales, so Chester Zoo is right up the road, sort of. Either way I really wanted to go last year, however Frey was slightly too young for it, but this year Frey is older and I know it’s something we’ll all love.

3. Seeing Santa

Frey was definitely too young to go and see Santa last year, and I’ll be honest, he’s probably still too young. But I really want to take him this year. Our local town does a Santa’s grotto every year and it’s not too expensive, I figured it would be nice to go this year.

4. Comic-con

We went to our local comic-con back in April and had a fantastic time; and the December one is coming up. We’re hoping to get tickets for it, especially as one of my all time favourite actors is going and I have to meet them.

Us back at comic con in April

5. Winter/Christmas Market

I love going to Christmas markets, I love walking around, sipping hot chocolate and seeing the stalls filled with handcrafted items. I’ll be honest I normally don’t find many presents but I have found some wonderful decorations and keepsakes over the years.

6. Fireworks Display

Bonfire night is a truly a British tradition and I love it, standing in the cool Winter evening wrapped up all nice and cosy and watching the sky explode with colour. Although I’m slightly worried how Frey will react to it, it could go two ways, either he loves it or he hates it. (I’m hoping for the former rather than the latter).

Know little man, he’ll just sleep through the fireworks

7. Ice Skating

Is there anything more quintessentially festive than ice skating?? That being said, every year, I declare that I’m going ice skating, and every year I don’t. So this year I’m determined to go ice skating, even though I haven’t been since I was about eight and will probably fall on my bum a lot.

Jo xx

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