To My Son

Today you turn 1.

That’s 52 weeks of smiles, laughs and more than a few tears from both of us.

365 days of sleepless nights and more than a little bit of caffeine to get me through the day

8760 hours of nappy changes, poop explosions and tantrums over bath time.

525600 minutes of watching you go from an adorable newborn into a confident, curious and incredibly charming one year old.

I’m so happy I get to call you my son, watching you grow this last year has truly been amazing. You’re almost walking and constantly babbling away. You have you’re likes and dislikes, favourite toys and food. And everyday I learn something new about you.

So, to Frey, happy 1st birthday, my wonderful son, and even though you hate my kisses just know that I love you to the moon and back and then back again.

Jo xx

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