A Little Life Update

So, I’ve been away for a little while; honestly I’ve been really busy for the last few months. I went back to work full time at the end of April and I’m still trying to figure the balance between work and motherhood, so the blog has taken a back seat as a result.

I have no idea what he’s looking at

However, hopefully with a little luck and a lot of patience, I should be able to start posting more regularly. With this mind, I thought I would do a little update of what we’ve been up to.

Deciding about the sand
Llangollen river

The husband has been on Summer holidays for the last several weeks (he’s a teacher), which means we’ve been able several days out, including taking Frey to the beach for the first time (he wasn’t too sure about the sand) and a spontaneous trip to Llangollen.

Yes, I do know about the bunny ears

I’ve also managed to have a few nights out (shocking I know). Including my friend’s hen party, who I’m a bridesmaid for in November. It’s been nice to get out and catch up with friends, although I do not have the stamina that I had before Frey was born, which can be a good thing, saves me quite a bit of money these days.

Jo x

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