Wales Comic-Con

Last weekend was the Wales Comic-Con in Wrexham (my local town). A celebration of tv, films, comics, games and all things geeky, so naturally we’ve had tickets since January.

We went on the Saturday, but it was spread over two days. We decided to only go to one as this was Frey’s first time and we thought two days might be a bit too much. That being said we had a fantastic time, just walking around and taking in all the sights, Frey especially loved Jack and Sally (takes after his mum on that one).

I also got to meet the amazing David Anders, or Blaine DeBeers if you watch iZombie. I loved him since Heroes, and it was amazing to get a photo with him. I try and get at least one photo or autograph every time we go, as I’m such a huge tv and film geek that there is always someone who I desperately want to meet there. My only problem is limiting it to just one, otherwise I’m going to be completely broke in the space of an hour.

I also love cosplayers, all the effort they put into their outfits and how much they’re enjoying it. We’re hoping to cosplay at the next comic-con in December. Not too sure what we’re going to go as yet. I’m currently trying to decide between a female Jareth from Labyrinth or Nico Minoru from Marvel Runaways. Any thoughts??

Jo x

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