Drayton Manor for my Birthday

So, if you’ve read my last post I love theme parks, so the Wednesday before last we went to Drayton Manor theme park for my birthday, and I had an amazing time (even though it rained most of the day). I’ve been wanting to go since last year, but due to being halfway through my pregnancy last year, we weren’t able to.

We went with friends and their little ones. One of the great things about Drayton Manor is Thomas Land (as in Thomas the Tank Engine). It’s great for little ones, there were even a few rides Frey could go on and it meant us big kids could take it in turns to go on the bigger rides, while watching each other’s little ones.

Excuse the face, I was about to go in the least scary haunted house ever 😂

Jo x

2 thoughts on “Drayton Manor for my Birthday

  1. Oooh, I LOVE Drayton Manor! I was visiting a friend outside Birminghamn in, like, 2000 or something and we went there for the day. Stormforce 10 was the best thing EVER!
    Happy birthday 🙂

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