27 Facts about Me

I turned 27 on Monday, and I thought I would tell you all 27 random facts about me to celebrate.

1. My full name is Josephine, but I rarely get called by it.

2. I’m named after both my grandmothers

3. I have one brother

4. I got engaged when I was 22 and married at 24.

5. I’m naturally very messy person, and it’s something that I’m working on.

6. I have 11 tattoos and am planning to get more done in the near future

7. But only three piercings

8. I can speak and understand Welsh

9. I have Thalassophobia (fear of deep water/sea)

10. And can barely swim as a result

11. I’m currently learning how to drive

12. I’m left handed

13. I rode horses until I was 14

14. My natural hair colour is very dark brown

15. I drink way too much Pepsi

16. I’m a Hufflepuff

17. And my Patronus is a unicorn

18. My favourite movie is Nightmare Before Christmas

19. I hate cheesecake (can’t stand the texture)

20. My favourite anime is Sousei no Aquarium

21. My hair hasn’t been my natural colour since June 2016.

22. My favourite Marvel characters are X-23 and Nico from the Runaways

23. My favourite DC character is Cassandra Cain

24. I’m mildly allergic to wool

25. I love theme parks and rollercoasters

26. I have flat feet (seriously, I have no arches in either foot)

27. My two favourite days so far are my wedding day and the day Frey was born.

And that’s my 27 facts about me.


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