Frey at Six Months

How has this happened?? How is my baby already six months?? I can’t believe how fast the time has gone. It feels like just the other day I had a little-ish newborn and now he’s becoming more and more like a little boy with each passing day. Developing his own personality and finding out what he likes and doesn’t like. And for this reason I thought I would a post about my little man at six months.

So, we’ve now started weaning, which is very messy and very fun, it’s great watching his little face scrunch up as he tries to work out whether or not he likes apples or carrots. We’re currently using a mixture of baby led and traditional (I may do a post about this further down the line).

His sleeping pattern has improved as well, with him mostly only waking up once a night rather than three times a night. And while his routine is slightly later than most his age (we put him to bed around 9-9:30), it seems to be working for us. He can also roll over now (when he wants to) and loves just standing up; Although he hasn’t quite figured out how to walk yet. (Thankfully)

For me the biggest development is his little personality, my son definitely knows what he wants and isn’t afraid to let anyone know. He showing preference for certain toys and activities, such as loving having baths but not fussed on showers. In all he is s really happy smiley baby and it’s s joy to watch him grow and develop.


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