A Geeky Mums Wishlist for Mother’s Day

It’s my first Mother’s Day on Sunday, and I won’t lie, I’m quite excited. My husband asked me the other day what I wanted for Mother’s Day and while I was racking my brains, I decided to make a little wishlist for all the Geeky mums out there. Enjoy.

1. Black Panther Build-a-Bear. I always wanted a build-a-bear as a child, and having that childhood dream and my newest favourite MCU character in one, is pretty awesome.

2.Harry Potter Inspired Infinity Scarf I love this scarf, not only is it the Marauders Map print. You can get it with your house’s colour as well (I’m Hufflepuff)

3.Star Wars- Rogue One Darth Vader- Pot of Dreams. I wont lie, I’ve always wanted a Pot of Dreams money pot and when I saw this one, it instantly went on my wishlist for next Mother’s Day/Birthday/Christmas.

4.Labyrinth T-shirt. Labyrinth is in my top 10 favourite movies and a t-shirt with Jareth and the iconic line on it, looks pretty perfect to me.

5.Little Miss Blogger Mug. I saw this on truffleshuffle website and thought it was just adorable. Plus you can never have too many mugs.


One thought on “A Geeky Mums Wishlist for Mother’s Day

  1. Congrats on your 1st mother’s day! Enjoy it, hope your hubby manages to get you what you want. It’s my 14th mother’s day, omg that makes me sound ancient! All I want is a day to relax and for hubby & kids to wait on me… x

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