Packing With a Baby.

So, I went away this weekend with Frey to go and visit family, just me and him. And I gotta say travelling with a baby is hard, but the thing I find the most stressful without a doubt is packing for him and me (but mostly for him). Before him, it was pretty easy just had to make sure I had everything I needed and go. Now I’ve to make sure we have enough nappies, formula,clothes and now food as well, for the entire weekend (I know you can buy everything when you’re away, but I find this way far less stressful).

Now when I pack clothes for Frey, I tend to pack double what he needs. For example if we’re going away for two nights, I’ll pack four sleepsuits instead of two. I also tend to pack an extra blanket as a teething baby is a dribbling one and having a blanket half soaked is never good.

I also seem to forget at least one thing, this time it was Odin, Frey’s favourite teething toy). Please tell me I’m not the only one who forgets at least one thing??

Does anyone else find packing for a little one stressful??

And what hints or tricks does anyone might have for packing in general??


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