5 Things That Make Me happy

As the title suggests, I thought I would post about the little things in life that make me happy.

1. Getting my hair cut or dying it a new colour. I got my hair cut the other day, I’ve had it cut from halfway down my back to just skimming my shoulders. And I love it. I’m the sort of person who I loves having new hairstyles and trying out different colours. I rarely keep the same hairstyle for more than a few months and I love it that way.

2. Discovering great new tv series and films. I’ve already mentioned this a few times but I’m a film and tv nerd. I love finding new series to binge watch over the weekend, or seeing a trailer for a new film on YouTube, and being genuinely excited about going to see it.

3. Rediscovering old favourites. As much as love new favourites, I’m also very partial to old favourites too. Especially the ones that I haven’t read/watched/listened too in a long time. I’m currently reading Harry Potter to Frey as a part of his bed time routine and just falling in love with the series all over again.

4. Frey’s achievements. How could I not include my little man in a blog post about things that make me happy. At the moment he’s at the stage where he’s becoming more mobile and every time he rolls over or attempts to sit up my heart just swells with pride and joy. (While my mind thinks, sh*t time to baby proof everything).

5. Quiet time as a family. For me weekend mornings are the best time. We bring Frey into bed with us (if he isn’t already) and just lie about chatting or if you’re Frey, throwing yourself from one parent to the other. It’s just nice to have that time just to ourselves to enjoy being with each other.


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