Dear Lie-ins and Uninterrupted Sleep

Have you missed me?? Because I have certainly missed you; and I know, I know I took you for granted and didn’t appreciate you when you were here. But if (when) you come back, I promise I’ll treat you right and never take you for granted again. 


I understand why you had to go away for a while, and while he was most certainly worth it. I’m tired, I’m so unbelievably tired. When I was up every hour during the night as little man had started teething. Or the other night when my wonderful husband couldn’t actually wake me up to do the 4 am feed, so he did it instead (I do feel really guilty about that).


I just have to keep repeating to myself that it’s a phase and one day you’ll be back. Then I’ll be able to go to bed and wake up the following day after the sun has risen, not before. But until then, I wish you well and hope to see you very soon.



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