An Intro

I’ve been sitting here for 15 minutes trying to write out an introduction that isn’t boring or awkward (so, naturally I’ve deleted the first 5 attempts). In the end I’ve decided to put down bullet points of all the need to know stuff.


  • I’m Jo, I’m 26
  • I’ve got a four month old son, Frey. Who is simply amazing in everyway
  • I’ve also got a 32 old year husband, who’s rather handsome (if I do say so myself)
  • Rounding up the household is our 5 year old puppy dog, Kaia. When I say puppy I don’t mean a little lap dog, she’s built like a brick sh*t house and is as soft as play doh, which is a winning combination
  • I’m a lover of velvet, lace, black clothing and dr.martens
  • And I’m a geek, I love comics, films and tv. I will happily spend a good half an hour discussing (arguing) the merits of Marvel over DC.

My blog is hopefully going to be a combination of all the things above. I won’t lie I’ve tried blogging before but haven’t been able to stick to it, hopefully this will be different😊.


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